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Société basée en Ile de France à Courcouronnes (91), spécialisée dans la fabrication de matériaux de blindage CEM (compatibilité électromagnétique) pour l’industrie aéronautique, militaire, aérospatiale, télécommunication, médicale et maritime. Site internet

Description du poste:
En étroite collaboration avec l’équipe commerciale et les unités de production basées au Royaume Uni, vous:

  • renseignez les clients sur l’ensemble de nos gammes de produits.
  • étudiez leurs besoins et les conseillez en leur apportant des précisions techniques.
  • participez aux actions commerciales téléphoniques pour développer l’activité commerciale.
  • assurez le suivi commercial des affaires.
  • gérez les commandes : délai, livraison, garantie, paiement
  • assurez un compte-rendu fiable et régulier de votre activité.


  • Formation technique et/ou commerciale : de type Bac/Bac +2, BTS Technico-commercial, BTS Electronique, BTS Electro-mécanique
  • Démonstration de votre sens de la relation client et du conseil technique dans une fonction similaire préférablement dans l’industrie électronique.
  • Rigoureux et organisé
  • Dynamique avec un goût du challenge
  • Qualités d’écoute et de conseil auprès des clients
  • Bonne maîtrise de l’outil informatique.
  • Expérience en CEM Compatibilité électromagnétique souhaitée mais non nécessaire
  • Anglais intermédiaire souhaité.

Statut offert

  • Salaire à négocier (selon expérience)
  • CDI

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Kemtron Next Move

Kemtrons Next Move

Our growth plans involve continued work in the European markets and one of our key target territories is Germany.

We have recently employed a German speaker in Braintree to support this work. Coralie has joined us on the 7th January 2019 and we wish her a successful career at Kemtron.

Coralie joins us with a strong knowledge in Sales and Marketing from a variety of industries (incl. Stationery supplies, Laminating equipment and consumables) as well as an extensive experience in the heavily regulated Pharmaceutical Industry. She is currently following an intensive induction programme on Kemtron’s products, sectors and applications. She is looking forward to using her linguistics skills to support the French market and develop Kemtron’s business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the near future.

Should you wish to contact Coralie, please call +44 (0) 1376 333 778 or alternatively email on

Kemtron returns to Farnborough

Kemtron Returns to Farnborough

Kemtron returns to Farnborough to exhibit at Southern Manufacturing 2019 for its 7th consecutive year of attendance.

Showcasing its latest products and solutions to shield your electronics, Kemtron is offering this opportunity to those who are looking to enhance product performance, reduce through life costs and ensure regulatory conformance for their electronics.

With free seminars, free general admission and free parking this is an opportunity not to be missed! More than 800 exhibitors from around the world will attend, in front of more than 9000 visitors, making this the UK’s largest annual engineering exhibition.

To read about our time last year at Southern Manufacturing, please click here.

We will be exhibiting on stand J150 – make sure to stop by and visit us!

EN 9100:2018

EN 9100:2018

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que Kemtron Limited a obtenu la certification EN9100:2018 pour la norme de Systèmes de Management de la Qualité pour les Organismes de l’Aéronautique, l’Espace et la Défense. Cette certification constitue une clef essentielle de notre projet stratégique visant à fournir à notre clientèle, nouvelle et existante, des preuves claires de l’efficacité de nos systèmes et contrôles opérationnels.

Au fur et à mesure de notre développement, nous sommes conscients de la nécessité d’opérer aux plus hauts niveaux pour soutenir notre clientèle et fournir des produits sûrs et fiables. En conséquence, notre démarche visant à assurer une amélioration continue de tous les aspects de nos activités et notre volonté de satisfaire et de dépasser les attentes de nos clients ont été démontrées par l’attribution de cette certification.

Directrice Générale, Victoria Tsoi, déclare “Kemtron est une organisation dotée d’un système de gestion de qualité solide, basé sur des contrôles et des systèmes rigoureux. Cette certification témoigne de l’engagement de nos équipes à respecter les exigences les plus strictes de la norme EN 9100:2018 dans notre travail de tous les jours. Je suis fière de faire partie de cette équipe et de pouvoir montrer à l’industrie entière nos capacités et notre professionnalisme.”

Clip on Mesh

Clip on Mesh

Kemtron have launched a new clip on knitted wire mesh RFI/EMI shielding gasket strip. It is a very flexible, easily compressible sponge EPDM tubular or bulb type gasket strip with a steel spring clip covered with a double knitted wire mesh layer for RFI/EMI shielding. The clip on gasket strip is supplied by EMKA who offer superior quality and consistency of their gasket strips, Kemtron double knit the wire mesh over the strip at their Braintree factory.

This clip on seal provides a good RFI/EMI shield for enclosures and electrical cabinets. The soft hollow bulb profile requires low closure force and makes the product particularly suitable for door applications where frequent opening and closing is required. The clip on gasket is easy to fit and will bend up to 90 degrees. The knitted wire mesh gives very low contact resistance between mating surfaces ensuring good shielding.

The choice of wire mesh material available also allows for a good galvanic match with mating flanges, thereby limiting the possibility of corrosion between gasket and flange. Knitted wire choices are Monel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and tin plated copper clad steel.
For more information on Kemtrons’ Clip on Knitted Mesh, please click here.

Electronica 2018

Electronica 2018

Electronica is a leading international trade fair and conference offering an awe-inspiring glimpse into the entire world of electronics.

Kemtron has showcased its EMI/RFI components a number of times at electronica, and with its popularity ever increasing, the event has only grown stronger throughout the years.

This year saw over 80,000 visitors enter through the turnstiles in Munich to see 3,100 different exhibitors from over 50 countries. The size of this event is not to be underestimated, covering 182,000 square metres of exhibition space including an extra hall solely dedicated to live displays, testing and experiencing the latest products in the industry.

Kemtron’s components and materials attracted visitors from a range of segments within the industry, with our KME (Kent Modular Electronics) Monitor poised in prime position.

This allowed Kemtron to showcase its materials in a live demonstration, showing exactly how our products are utilised, and the vital role they play in protecting our customer’s electronics. It promoted our products, whilst endorsing our technical knowledge that support our customers’ requirements

This year Kemtron was also able to unveil its latest addition to its range of materials; Clip-on Knitted Wire Mesh. The sheer simplicity and practicality of this solution gained the attention of designers, who were able to get hands on with our materials and test the products we had displayed.

For more information on our clip-on Knitted Wire Mesh, please click here.

The team exhibited the very best of Kemtrons products for EMI/RFI Shielding, and environmental sealing, triggering conversations with familiar faces, and creating the opportunity to interact with a multitude of others, gaining and building on new relationships

This was Kemtron’s fourth Electronica, hopefully we will you see you there next time for number 5!

The Kemvent Range

The Kemvent Range

A range of low cost plastic EMC vents for use with 40, 60, 80, 92 & 120mm fans. They provide RFI/EMI shielding where applications demand a cost effective solution, whilst still providing an adequate shielding performance for most commercial applications of over 50db up to 10 GHz.

The Hi-impact ABS UL94V-0 fire retardant moulding is fitted with one layer of 3.2mm cell x 6.35mm thick aluminium honeycomb and an electrically conductive nickel/copper fabric over foam gasket to ground the honeycomb to the metalwork.

As well as providing RFI/EMI shielding the fan vents ensure good thermal management of an electronics enclosure ensuring a good exchange of air. The vents have 4 countersunk holes to suit standard fan mountings so are easy to fit with no modification.

The measured shielding performance in accordance with Mil Std 285 is shown below (based on tested performance of an 80mm sized vent).

Frequency Field Typical (db)
200KHz H 53
100MHz E 102
500MHz P 85
2GHz P 74
10GHz P 58

Kemtron manufacture and supply a full range of RFI/EMI shielding gaskets and components including electrically conductive elastomers, knitted wire mesh gasket strip, conductive fabric over foam gaskets, beryllium copper finger stock, shielded optical windows and more.

For more information on our ventilation products, please click here.

EMC for defence and aerospace

RFI/EMI (radio frequency interference/electromagnetic interference) shielding for Aerospace and Defence applications The defence and aerospace industry have always been the main drivers for RFI/EMI shielding products, those drivers being security in particular the susceptibility of some computer and telecommunications devices to emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in a manner that can be used to reconstruct intelligible data. This was known as the TEMPEST program which later became the acronym “Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions”. Battlefield drivers are NEMP or nuclear electromagnetic pulse which is a burst of electromagnetic radiation created by nuclear explosions. The resulting rapidly changing electric and magnetic fields may couple with electrical and electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges which would cause electronic equipment to fail. Physical drivers are harsh temperature environments from -40c to + 200c, resistance to fuels, chemicals and agents such as NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) wash down. Galvanic corrosion issues caused by salt fog in marine environments. EMC is the acronym for electromagnetic compatibility which means the ability of equipment to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to other equipment in that environment. Electronics engineers are very familiar with this and will consider in their design good board layout, filtering, grounding, signal integrity etc. to try resolving EMI at its source. However shielding of the enclosure is just as important and solves the problem of radiated emissions and susceptibility. Mating surfaces on an enclosure can look very flat and you think there is full metal to metal contact but in reality in a mass production process nothing can be that flat and gaps will exist. These gaps are slots and can become radiating antennas. This joint unevenness can be addressed by using more fixings to get good contact between the mating surfaces and at lower frequencies this can work. Example at 100MHz to achieve 20db shielding, gaps of 150mm are acceptable, this reduces to 15mm at 40db – the fixings are getting more and more, at 1GHz it’s impossible, as to achieve 40db the gap is now 1.5mm. These seams need to be filled with a conductive gasket, this will take up all the joint unevenness and depending on the type of gasket will also provide an environmental seal against dust and moisture. Shielding is a mechanical fix for an electrical problem and the enclosure design engineer should be aware of the types of gaskets available and their different attributes and ensure there is enough land area on the enclosure seams, doors etc. to fit the gasket. In the quest to reduce size and weight of electronic equipment there is a lot a pressure to reduce these land areas which makes this more important than ever. Electrically conductive elastomers are most preferred EMI shielding gaskets types in the Aerospace/military communications industry are. The base Elastomer is silicone for normal environments and fluorosilicone for fuel and oil resistance, both offer a wide temperature range of -40 to +160 and up to +200 for…

Product Focus – 300 Series

Product Focus – 300 Series

Kemtron’s 300 series gaskets are usually found in applications which require a high level of shielding along with an environmental seal. They are manufactured from either a solid knitted wire mesh or mesh over an elastomer core, which is then bonded to an elastomer, offering the environmental seal.

The most common applications include door/panel seals, and gaps with low tolerances. By its nature, the product has a high resiliency and requires low compression forces, which means it is ideal for situations where repeated opening and closing operations are necessary.

Kemtron offers these products in continuous lengths up to 10 metres, and in a range of thickness and widths. The products can be fabricated, die cut, knife cut and easily adapted to suit customer requirements.

A variety of meshes and a large range of materials are available to suit many RFI/EMI/EMP and climatic conditions, including nuclear, biological and chemical.
For applications which require a large gasket, the fabrication of this product permits Kemtron to offer gaskets at sizes that are out of reach of other materials.
When using the 300 series, it is important that the material is not over compressed, but compression collars or stops are available to limit the pressure that the material is put under.

Also, consideration should be given to the termination of cut mesh ends. Sometimes loose wires can be evident after cutting, but Kemtron offers 3 methods to avoid this:

  • Spot welding the cut end
  • Sewing the cut end
  • Gluing the cut end

The 300 series products have been designed to meet new and ever-changing requirements, for further information on the 300 series, such as galvanic compatibility and the materials available, please click here.

DVD 2018

DVD 2018

DVD 2018 is the event for those involved in equipment and support for the UK’s Land Forces.

Kemtron has exhibited several times at DVD, meeting and networking with the great minds that develop the equipment used in our land defences. Ranging from the vehicles that support our forces, to the rucksacks that carry the keys, DVD truly provides a wholesome opportunity to network.

Apart from seeing some inspirational vehicles and equipment on display, Kemtron had the opportunity exhibit alongside 250 other companies, whilst meeting and networking with the individuals who represent them. Meeting with new and familiar faces, the team at DVD had their technical know-how put to the test, but they did manage to squeeze some time in to see some incredible demonstrations too; a busy two days!

The heart racing demonstrations and vehicles, paired with technical knowledge and ingenuity, maintains the status of this event as a pinnacle across the industry.