Product Focus – 300 Series

Product Focus – 300 Series

Kemtron’s 300 series gaskets are usually found in applications which require a high level of shielding along with an environmental seal. They are manufactured from either a solid knitted wire mesh or mesh over an elastomer core, which is then bonded to an elastomer, offering the environmental seal.

The most common applications include door/panel seals, and gaps with low tolerances. By its nature, the product has a high resiliency and requires low compression forces, which means it is ideal for situations where repeated opening and closing operations are necessary.

Kemtron offers these products in continuous lengths up to 10 metres, and in a range of thickness and widths. The products can be fabricated, die cut, knife cut and easily adapted to suit customer requirements.

A variety of meshes and a large range of materials are available to suit many RFI/EMI/EMP and climatic conditions, including nuclear, biological and chemical.
For applications which require a large gasket, the fabrication of this product permits Kemtron to offer gaskets at sizes that are out of reach of other materials.
When using the 300 series, it is important that the material is not over compressed, but compression collars or stops are available to limit the pressure that the material is put under.

Also, consideration should be given to the termination of cut mesh ends. Sometimes loose wires can be evident after cutting, but Kemtron offers 3 methods to avoid this:

  • Spot welding the cut end
  • Sewing the cut end
  • Gluing the cut end

The 300 series products have been designed to meet new and ever-changing requirements, for further information on the 300 series, such as galvanic compatibility and the materials available, please click here.

DVD 2018

DVD 2018

DVD 2018 is the event for those involved in equipment and support for the UK’s Land Forces.

Kemtron has exhibited several times at DVD, meeting and networking with the great minds that develop the equipment used in our land defences. Ranging from the vehicles that support our forces, to the rucksacks that carry the keys, DVD truly provides a wholesome opportunity to network.

Apart from seeing some inspirational vehicles and equipment on display, Kemtron had the opportunity exhibit alongside 250 other companies, whilst meeting and networking with the individuals who represent them. Meeting with new and familiar faces, the team at DVD had their technical know-how put to the test, but they did manage to squeeze some time in to see some incredible demonstrations too; a busy two days!

The heart racing demonstrations and vehicles, paired with technical knowledge and ingenuity, maintains the status of this event as a pinnacle across the industry.