Kemtron EMC Catalogue

Kemtron EMC Catalogue

Kemtron, the leading UK manufacturer of RFI/EMI shielding solutions, has published a comprehensive new catalogue in response to customer demand.

The 144 page printed catalogue has proved popular with customers who have limited Internet access, or who prefer the convenience of a paper version that they can bookmark, add notes or use as a working reference tool.

Managing director David Wall said, “We have had a fantastic response from customers in countries like Germany, India and Turkey, as well as the UK. They welcome the fact that they can have a printed catalogue when so many suppliers only offer information on the Web.”

The catalogue provides detailed product overviews, technical specifications, application information and design considerations for Kemtron’s range of RFI/EMI shielding solutions, as well as background information on EMC and useful design tools.

If information in the catalogue changes, Kemtron publishes updates on their website

Please contact Kemtron to order your free copy of the catalogue.